Monday, June 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday....

After spending most of the last few weekends living at the gym or on the road, we finally got to enjoy a lazy Sunday yesterday!  William got up and worked out and I finally slept in past was GLORIOUS!  I didn't, however, get around to posting pictures from my culinary adventures two weeks ago, nor did I get around to baking everything I'd intended....but William reminded me, it's not a contest, and I shouldn't put pressure on myself.  It SHOULD be fun, right?  Right.  Even if it's not a competition, I'm competitive with MYSELF.  In any case, we had our reception in Austin Saturday night and had plenty of leftovers, so I restricted the baking to one type of cookie---Peanut Crisps.  Will I make them again?  Probably not.  They got good reviews from my taste tester, but...meh.  I didn't like the way they turned out.  NEXT! I'm thinking....oatmeal raisin and maybe some shortbread!  :)

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