Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Again!

There's nothing half so pleasant as coming home again. Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

So....Aunt Penny called me out this weekend. :)  She said she happened to notice I hadn't posted much recently!  I suppose, then, that this is dedicated to my little Penelope. ;)

The purpose of my visit was to drive into Wenatchee with my parents to Siobhan's wedding shower, and to see my Aunt Patsy.  Coincidentally, Riley, Ben, and Abby have birthdays near each other, so I was able to celebrate their birthdays on Sunday afternoon!  Friday and Saturday were both jam-packed with activities (or driving) and Sunday was no different!  Luckily, Monday was an opportunity for my parents and I to relax and catch up.  I even got a little cooking and baking in! 

I had an entire early Father's Day menu planned, but my dad decided he was craving spaghetti.....which happens to be one of my favorite things to cook.  Granted, it's a super easy recipe and I add a few extra ingredients, but it leaves the house smelling yummy and tummies full.

I also tried out a new ice cream pie recipe from Taste of Home's summer magazine....Dark Bottomed Ice Cream Pie.  Gingersnap crust, chocolate, chocolate and vanilla ice cream....I heard a lot of "mmm..." from my parents!

Mom and I got to do some of the things we used to do---hang out at River Park Square, run out to Target, stop at Starbucks with Dad on Sunday morning---and the only thing that could have made the trip better was having my husband there to share some of the moments with! fortunate am I to have TWO homes?!

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