Friday, May 7, 2010

Training....kicking. My. BUTT.

One thing you need to know about me, I don't quit, until something tears or pops.
---Dwight Schrute

What a great episode of The Office last night! of it, at least...especially at the gym.  And the Morse Code between Jim and Pam was also brilliant. :)

What Dwight said, sort of how I've always felt about competition.  I seem to remember when i was younger hearing my dad say, "If it's not near your heart, you're fine" and also, "Rub some dirt on it."  I don't regret for one second being as fierce a competitor as I was raised to become.  This has translated to all parts of my life, and I feel it's served me well.  I think I've earned the respect of managers and teammates in being both fiercely loyal and a hard-core competitor.

A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It's all a matter of pride. Nancy Lopez

And just as Nancy Lopez said, it's all a matter of pride.  I don't quit...whether it's a photo competition, training for a show, a relationship....I. DON'T. QUIT.  Sometimes, I probably should have, but I have to believe that I have always learned something about myself in the process.

I need to remember Nancy Lopez's words next week as I head out to Orlando to train with Jason and Catherine.  This experience will help me grow as a competitor, both physically and mentally.  I have literally trained my ass off this off-season.  There were times at the beginning after my surgery where I found myself asking William, "Is this worth it?"  I think that the time off helped my body, but set my mind back.  I'm now officially in the zone, and can't wait to make my teammates and coaches proud as I step on the stage this summer.  I can honestly say when I leave the gym that I have absolutely poured my heart and soul into every single workout. 

So...thanks, Dad, for teaching me that I can get out there and play even if I've gotten knocked back down...and to Mom, for making sure to not let me go to sleep if I've gotten a head injury.  "I just need to check your eyes again...."

I love you guys!  Thanks to everyone who's reading!

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  1. I am SO TOTALLY the president of your fan club, or the worship-er of the ground upon which you walk. Your competitive spirit is one of my favorite things about you. You are so totally one of those guys that moves a semitruck with his man parts (google it) Even if you occasionally need to be reminded when the ground is. I guess that would be why you keep me around. I love you Sisterpants.