Monday, April 26, 2010


Anyone who knows me well knows how much I LOVE to read.  With the amount of stuff going on in our lives right now, which includes and is not limited to:

  • training for my first figure competition of 2010
  • moving from Spokane, WA to Austin, TX which is about a 30+ hour drive
  • moving locations WITH two puppies
  • figuring out how much we can pack into a 5 x 8 UHaul
  • selling the car to the parents
  • deciding what to take with, what to donate, and what to leave behind
So....I suppose it makes sense that I'm having a really difficult time deciding what to read.  Plus....I have to leave my libraries behind. :(  Fear not, as I've already scouted out the libraries and which book clubs I'm going to try to join.  Phew!  Crisis averted....which doesn't explain what I'm going to do for 30 hours, but thanks to Eric and Jennifer, I have two seasons of "Friday Night Lights" to start. 


And....I've started this one.  We'll see....


  1. Friday Night Lights is the best! I love that show!

  2. Good thing you have a Kindle! You can get books on the drive! Then you can read them to William :) That would be cute and newlywed-ish. Also, check out the series "wonderfalls" it is hilarious.