Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So....here we are.  Tuesday, April 27.  My last Tuesday in Spokane...and I know I need to be packing right now, but I hardly know where to start.  I mean, I know it's not like we're never going to be back here.  I shouldn't be stressing about this, right?  It's just....material things.  And if there are a few things the last two years have taught me, it's that when all is said and done, it's the people and the memories that matter.  Some of my favorite people will actually be in the same time zone!  Eric and Jennifer....I miss you guys.  A lot.  So don't be surprised if I'm calling or emailing you a lot because I'm homesick...mmmkay?  Cause I know you've been there.....right?

Why, then, am I so anxious?  This is the first time in 29 years that I've lived, permanently, somewhere other than Spokane, WA.  I feel like I'm in the first grade.....all over again.  I worry about the same things I worried about when I was six, and I can't help but wonder where this is coming from!  Like...am I going to make new friends?  Will people like me?  What if I get lost?  Where's the nearest library? What about my parents?  And my friends?  And the rest of my family?

I know that some of these anxieties I have seem silly.  I know it.  But...it doesn't change the fact that they exist.  They're real.  And I hate them.  I wish they'd disappear.  I wish I could focus on the fact that I have a new and exciting adventure waiting for me in Austin.  I get to go back to school in August!  I get to discover a brand new place!  I get to compete again, soon, and then...I get to enjoy amazing and tasty food!  Like...take a moment to peruse this menu....family style.  Oh, yes.


Or maybe you want something for breakfast instead?  This place is on my list, too!


I wish I could say that I haven't studied the menu yet, but I've decided the first time I'm going to have two full stacks of pancakes....one gingerbread with blueberries, and one buttermilk with chocolate chips.  Maybe a bowl of oatmeal, too, and a portobello mushroom omelette (no red onion, no jack cheese, add shredded smoked turkey).

Don't even get me started on this place.....oh. My. GOODNESS!!!


I'm going to need to hit the Walmart for some special "Eating Pants"....or....maybe just a muumuu. :) YUMMY!!!!

Okay.  Now that I've worked some of this out online....and am enjoying, er...eating 4 oz of baked tilapia, I'm motivated to start packing again.  After all, I can't get a Hut's buffalo Dagburger in Spokane, WA, can I?!

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  1. The funny thing about your anxieties is that even though they are real feelings... Most of them you've already solved.

    1)am I going to make new friends? Will people like me?
    People already LOVE you. You have a support system there before you get there, and people BEGGING you to come "home" to TX and you dont even live there yet! There is a city FULL of people anxiously waiting for you to get there!

    2)What if I get lost?
    You have GPS in your phone, AND a husband who can get you anywhere, just a phone call away

    3)Where's the nearest library?
    You've already found them, and joined a book club ;)

    4)What about my parents?
    Still your parents :) Happy for you, Proud of you, and they love you too.

    5)And my friends?
    Excited to visit texas, stoked for you, and love you more than anything

    6)And the rest of my family?
    Still you family. You cant get rid of them just because you moved into a different state!

    Oh, and one more thing.... SKYPE BABY. I'm even going to buy a webcam. Plus there is FB, and the ever popular snail mail. See, One minute with me, and already.... You've got nothing to fear.

    Thank you for letting me be a fly on the wall of your life.