Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Beginnings

August is a month of new beginnings for me, most importantly....the beginning of my life as a full-time student, once again!

As most of you know, I'm enrolled in the culinary arts program at Austin Community College-Eastview Campus.  I start classes on Monday, August 23rd...starting with Intro to Foods, a class that includes both a lecture and a lab.  I received my uniforms and knives via UPS yesterday morning, and have to admit I got a little teary-eyed knowing that this is a reality!  In addition to my Intro to Foods class, I'll also be taking a Sanitation and Safety course, Intro to Hospitality, and one other chef course.  Three of my classes will be on campus, so Monday through Wednesday I'll commute to the college, and my hospitality course is distance learning, so I'll be completing all my work at home. 

I'm anxious to get started, as I LOVE studying....and the fact that what I'll be studying----COOKING---is something I'm looking forward to even more!

I've also decided to train for either a half marathon or a full...I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking at least one of the races I'll do will be in November in San Antonio---the Rock N'Roll Half!  William is going to be competing in a natural bodybuilding event in October, and it will be nice to support him, while being able to enjoy my own training and not have a deadline in mind.  I'm looking forward to getting back to building some more shoulders off season, and enjoying some good food here in Austin!

A few things I've learned over the last few months...

-never underestimate the power of good A/C in a car
-I dislike Las Vegas just as much as I thought I would
-buffets are alright for variety, but the quality is not good!
-it's important to have hobbies, but not to let them control your life
-a good dog-sitter is hard to find....but we found one and a half :) and the half can be paid in chocolate chip cookies
-despite missing family, I've become used to the weather here in Austin (i.e. spoiled by warm summer nights) and would find it difficult to get adjusted to cold nights!
-the DMV is just as horrible in TX (or worse) than anywhere else in the US
-road-tripping is a great experience, but would be even better without a deadline!

Martha Stewart's Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies....mmmmm....more butter, less sugar makes for a cakey texture and fluffier cookie.  You know they're good when your trainer sends you a message that says "I want more cookies!!!" 

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