Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not gonna lie....

I love the fall.  And I miss a few things about the Inland Northwest this time of year.  I know, I make it sound like I've been away forever, when it's really only been about five and a half months...but still, there are a few things I miss.  In no particular order, here they are:

-Greenbluff: The pumpkin patches and apple orchards, the smells of kettle corn and yes, even hot dogs on the grill...
-Leaves changing color:  Nothing is better than a cold, dry fall morning with crunchy, multi-colored leaves under foot.  Sigh.
-Cold mornings, with warm afternoons:  So I complained about it when I lived there, but I do miss having a cold, sunny morning only to have it warm up in the afternoon.

September and October were always my favorite part of the year in Spokane, because there truly are four seasons.  Plus, my dad's birthday was Monday and we weren't around to celebrate.  Last year, I was home over that weekend and had the opportunity to cook his birthday dinner for him!  This year, a Skype appointment had to suffice.  But...we're fortunate to be able to host Thanksgiving this year for my parents and brother/sister in law.  Not only that, but my dad will be a pro at baking pies after his birthday gift---a cookbook, pastry mat, rolling pin, and pie plate---so we can bake simultaneously and share the experience (or at least I hope!).

Things that are awesome:

-William lined the fence so Felix and Oscar can't run through and out to the sidewalk!
-Our intermediate training class for the boys is going well, and we can definitely tell a difference.
-Cheese is a great motivator to "control yourself" for the boys. :)
-Pretty much all Scandinavian thrillers.
-Pastry Queen cookbooks...that I've checked out, oh, about 15 times since we've moved here!
-The new kitchen sink faucet William installed last weekend.
-Pumpkin carving this weekend!  Pictures to follow...

And a few pictures...

 Finished product---Splenda Apple-Pear-Cherry Pie, made with no sugar and suitable for people with diabetes...or anyone watching sugar intake.  Baked with Granny Smith apples, and Bosc pears (probably would use D'Anjou next time, as Bosc are better for eating---very juicy, don't stay as firm when cooked).
What's up?

Later, friends and family!

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