Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Making Time

Schedule:  what is it?  According to a definition I found online, it's: A plan for carrying out a process or procedure, giving lists of intended events and times. In other words, it's something I need to create for myself when it comes to this blog.  I'm carving out an hour each day.  Yes, one ENTIRE hour, Monday through Friday, to think about the direction in which I want this blog to go.

Tomorrow, I'll start posting on my latest adventures and another pursuit I've been more diligent about:  One New Thing.  In my 30th year, I decided to create an ongoing and constantly expanding bucket list.  While I did try a lot of new things last year, with a full-time class schedule and work, I simply ran out of time to do the things I'd set out to do.  

In the new year, I revisited this list.  I revised it, removed some items, added others, and have been really consistent about trying One New Thing a week.  Some of them will be ongoing, while others will be a one time thing. 

Another thing I've been considering is moving this blog over to WordPress.  Many of the bloggers I follow also use WP, and I think it may be easier for me to learn and do some of the many fun things I've been wanting to do over there.

Until tomorrow,


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