Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Over-achiever...let's go for 52!

At the suggestion of a friend, I have decided to expand my list of 30 and have decided to increase the number to 52.  I'm not a mathematician, but yes...this means one a week for the entire year.  Am I an over-achiever?  Most certainly.  Will I do more than one thing a week sometimes?  Um, duh.  Of course I will.

The terms and conditions of my endeavors...

1.  I can't cross two things off the list at the same time.
     example:  Eating trailer food/Trying a new ethnic food

2.  Activities should not be illegal or life-threatening.

3.  I'm not trying to break the bank, so activities should also not be super-expensive.
     example:  Backpacking through Europe/Courtside seats at an NBA game

4.  The goal of the experience is FOR the experience, and not to focus on the number.

5.  Some of the activities may be things I have done in the past, but am re-visiting in order to participate with a more mature mind-set.
     example:  Reading three books from my Advanced Placement classes in high school/Reading    the         entire collection of Jane Austen

6.  Become a better version of the person I am today.

An idea of a few of the things I have on the list:

  • Go to an NBA game
  • Volunteer
  • Eat at a food trailer
  • Try a new ethnic food
  • Re-read three books from AP English in high school
  • Make homemade doughnuts
  • Learn how to jar preserves
  • Go to a reading at Book People
  • Take a road-trip to Louisiana
  • Learn how to crochet
  • Teach myself how to put a zipper into an article of clothing
  • Learn how to stand-up paddleboard
I'll be documenting this journey with photos...well, most of them, anyway. :)  Feel free to send suggestions my way, as the list isn't set in stone and will continue to evolve throughout 2011!

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